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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

the making of langkawi trip =)

arrangement and preparation for LANGKAWI TRIP this coming Sunday falls on 20th MAY 2012.
the candidates are: 
Mohd Ridzwan & Faezah Sulaiman, 
Ezzaty Sulaiman & Wan Izzudin,
Zarith Sofia & Amien Sazley,
Nory & Matzu & their son Adib!

the schedule =)

hotel booking
at LANDCON's HOTEL, Pantai Cenang
for 2 nights =)

transportation booking
1waja and 1wira
for 3 days =)
the fixed expenses
not including lodging and transportation =)
i am very very very superextraexcited! everyone has prepared, and everyone is superextraexcited just as much as i am. and everyone is absolutely looking forward to this!
stay tuned, there will be some interesting pictures =)

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