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Thursday, May 19, 2011


it is not about drug, or alcohol, or chocolate or any other common addiction that several people have. well, but sure i have addiction on chocolate, ice-cream and stuffs. but this is one of my tops addiction that i LOVE to do. 

Playing PET SOCIETY! ngheehehe :p

not gonna talk to much. today, i would just like to upload some pet society pictures. just to show how do my pet's home looks like :) 

this is the FRONTYARD. pokok masih belum berbuah uoll. -.-

this is the HALL. favorite room.

this is the BEDROOM.
as you can see, i have poster of edward and bella.
big fan of twillight ^_^

there's a GHOST inside the cabinet! 

this is the KITCHEN, she didnt cook.
but, anyways a house still need a kitchen.

this is the BATHROOM, she likes it here. :)

this is the DRESS ROOM.
OMJayy! banyaknye baju! but still, not enough collection. 

this is the penthouse, on top of the roof.
ade ICE CREAM uoll! :p

this is the REST ROOM.
the most comfort room anyone can have :D

this is the BACKYARD. i plant so many trees.
pokok tumbuh cookies pun ade! haha

and this is how the TENT looked inside.
not any ordinary tent okeh uoll. i ade jamban lagi! HAHA

well that's about it. i've shown all the room that i have for now. i kena main lagi hari-hari. sebab nak naik stage. struggle gile-gile i told u! hehe. 

this is LULU, my pet :)
wearing underground theme outfit.
Thank You for your spare time reading
Adios Amigos :)

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